Scourge Heretic Consecration

from by Serpent Spells



A passage through mystical dimensions
Slithers through the dying creed of lies
tongue slit open, the answer remains sacred
A prodigy misunderstood caged in cenotaph
A proclamation exceeding time presents
the truth in sepulchral form
Feeble talks within causal limits
A schema of never-ending search

Sin is me, It is I
the Divine

Vanquishing the lawless mindsets
of every headless shaykh
Infinite echo of azan shuns the temple within
The ocean of knowledge strikes what was a blind craved
Whispering the ayats to the lacerated flesh!

The relfections sooth the mortal desire
Only decimation can lead to the bloodless divine
The serpent slithering through the pericardium

Perpetually blind from what's across
Hereditary plague of belief
As blood stains the striving bones

I dictate, a prediliction through the age
Intrinsically owning what's within
I am the sign of what has never been.


from Mantras Within Ascending Fire, released May 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Serpent Spells Dhaka, Bangladesh

Serpent Spells is a blackened death metal band from Bangladesh claiming supremacy of Death, Darkness & Blasphemy through our music.

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